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Management / Investment

Alquilavela S.L.

If you dream of owning your own boat, Alquila Vela can help you to make your dreams come true. We are boat charter professionals and can offer you our team and experience to manage your future boat.

We are a dynamic company, and we intend to grow on a promising market We currently have a fleet of 30 boats and we are signing agreements with ship owners to increase our capacity in Denia and Ibiza-Formentera.

We want to manage your boat transparently, safely and with no worries for the owner. Enjoy the boat on the agreed dates and we will keep it rented the rest of the year.

Distribution of income

We offer four possible methods to share out income:

65% income for owner and 35% managing company.
50% owner and 50% managing company.*
12% return on investment guaranteed for a new catamaran, for 3,5 years.**
Owner pays 30%, sails 10 weeks, Alquila Vela pays for all costs, after 7th year the owner has purchase option adding 25%.

*Company runs with marina fees.
**Managing company runs with marina fees.

Income and Investment

Approximate income and investment according to lengths:

Sailboats 37-38 Feet 28-32.000 €/Year 143.000 €
Sailboats 40 Feet 38-40.000 €/Year 165.000 €
Sailboats 44-45 Feet 46-53.000 €/Year 210.000 €
Sailboats 50 Feet 48-65.000 €/Year 250.000 €
Catamarans 40 Feet 60-75.000 €/Year 295.000 €
Catamarans 45 Feet 65-88.000 €/Year 435.000 €

*Income can vary depending on the make and age of the boat.
*The investment depends on the make and extras chosen.
*Boat prices: Ready to sail, mandatory safety equipment, all risk insurance and inventory included.
*Use by owner: One week from June to September, and the rest of the year subject to availability following notice of no less than 7 days prior to the boarding date.